Who We Benefit

The Impact of The Alzheimer’s Caregiver® is worldwide. Alzheimer’s and other dementias are imposing huge societal economic burdens, primarily through the costs of unpaid caregiving by families and friends and the costs of medical and community care.

Families and caregivers understand firsthand the devastation caused by the disease. Statistics show that family members and friends provide 85 percent of all home care.

On an even more difficult level, statistics estimate 20 to 40 percent of caregivers are raising children while simultaneously caring for older adults.

About 75% of the almost 15.5 million Americans and 133.2 million people worldwide caring for a person with Alzheimer’s are women. For most women, assuming the caregiver role leads to a significant reduction in work hours and annual earnings, as well as a loss of benefits including health insurance.

The long-term financial effects on women caring for spouses or elderly parents shows a general correlation between a woman assuming a caregiving role earlier in life and suffering economic hardships later in life.

Without attention and help for the caregiver, the spiral of economic hardship and health decline may be rapid, leading to a high risk of poverty for women caregivers.

Caregivers need your help. Please donate today. Their livelihood depends on it.